bringing the playpianonl experience to clarenville, nl!

PianoTour Information

What is Pianotour?

PianoTour is PlayPianoNL’s only traveling festival - it is our way of bringing the PlayPianoNL experience to communities beyond the overpass!  PianoTour focuses largely on performance and practice - we are known for our unique large ensemble experiences, and PianoTour is no exception! Students will receive, learn, rehearse, and perform their music within the three-day festival. This music can include solo, small ensemble, and/or large ensemble repertoire. The music is coached by our Artistic Team and then performed in the student concert (held on Sunday, October 6). 


When/where is Pianotour?


This year, PianoTour will be taking place in the wonderful community of Clarenville! The festival will be held at the Clarenville United Church from Oct 4-6. We will begin on Friday evening (after school hours), continue Saturday morning for the entire day, and finally resume Sunday afternoon until the concert. 


how to register


Registration cost is $150 and can be paid online directly upon registration. 






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