help us make more music

your financial support will help us reach more pianists and grow our artistic community

$10,000 would let us create and host a brand new event

$4,000 would commission a brand new work by a Canadian composer

$3,500 would cover our venue rental fees for one year

$2,500 would bring in a high-profile Guest Clinician for PianoFest

$1,500 would cover all our piano tuning costs for one year

$1,200 provides all the T-shirts for PianoFest

$300 provides fresh, healthy food for PianoCamp

$250 provides lunch for one day of PianoFest

$150 pays for a PianoFest workshop

$125 tunes a piano for one of our events

$100 prints our concert tickets for a year

Here's how your donations help our organization:

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