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PianoFest is a 3-day celebration of the piano in all its forms. Open to students (ages 12 and up) and teachers from across the province, this event features workshops on every style of playing from rock to classical, exciting seminars on the instrument itself and the modern digital keyboard, and ensemble experiences like you’ve never seen them before. Join fellow musicians to explore the may opportunities this instrument has to offer, and to work with some of the best pianists around!              

the biggest thing since the 88th key


Just for the teachers

PlayPianoNL's newest event is PianoSymposium, a weekend of learning and connecting just for piano teachers. 

In its inaugural year, PianoSymposium will be featuring educator, pianist, composer, and author Forrest Kinney as a special guest clinician and keynote speaker. In addition to Forrest, expert clinicians such as Dr. Christine Carter, Dr. Andrew Staniland, and Amy Dalziel will present workshops teaching the art of practicing, introducing composition to the piano lesson, presenting brand new methods, and much more.



bringing the playpianonl experience to you

PianoTour aims to support and encourage pianists across Newfoundland and Labrador by presenting events that bring these pianists together and explore new and creative ensemble playing experiences. Each year, PianoTour takes place in a different community, ensuring that every pianist in our province has an opportunity to participate. 



the ultimate camp for serious piano kids

An exclusive experience for young pianists in the province, PianoCamp accepts only 8 students each year for a 4-day intensive camp focussing on practice technique and performance practice. Sponsored by Reid Music Ltd, PianoCamp registrants get an unprecedented level of focus with a 1:1 ratio of digital pianos to campers and 2:1 ratio of faculty to campers.

Repertoire is prepared over the 4 days of Camp and performed, by memory, on the Thursday night concert.


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